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A Guide To Designing For Mobile (iOS, Android)

Guidelines and pointers for mobile design for iOS and Android — with useful resources on layout, grid, colors, typography, icons and components for iOS and Android.

When it comes to designing for mobile, there is always quite a bit of confusion between all the different units, guidelines and measurements in iOS and Android. Here’s a quick cheat sheet (PDF) to help you get started with your mobile app design.

Key Takeaways #

  • For Android, the most recent design language is Material 3.
  • For iOS, it’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) for iOS 17.
  • iOS apps are designed in pt, Android apps in dp.
  • When designing for iOS, start with 375×812pt.
  • When designing for Android, start with 360×640dp.
A Guide To Designing For Mobile (iOS, Android)

Designing For Mobile (iOS, Android) (PDF), a cheat sheet kindly shared by Isabelle Bamber.

  • iOS: “Back” is in the bottom left, Android: top left.
  • iOS: “Add” action is top right, Android: FAB is bottom right.
  • iOS: Primary text and forms at least 17pt, tab bar at least 10pt.
  • Android: Primary text and forms at least 14sp, labels at least 11sp.

  • Tap targets: 11mm+ (31pt/42px) on the top of the screen.
  • Tap targets: 12mm+ (34pt/46px) at the bottom of the screen.

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